Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Sunday, January 27, 2013

I proudly present my newest demo reel. (click on the link) Since I'm still new in the Animation Program, I am still creating a broad range of work.  I am getting closer and closer to becoming a specialist, however!  I'm excited to have this be my portfolio piece to be reviewed by Dreamworks.  They will then decide if I'm worth an interview.  I feel that the work I have under my belt is just as much as any junior would have, so I believe I have a fighting chance.

Something special about this - is that I compiled this all in one night.  I've noticed that I'm getting faster and more effective when I work!  I'm not even meaning to, its just happening for me (at least in some areas, but not all)

As my skill increases, I will eventually be cutting music off from these demo reels.  It would be hard for me, though...because the rythm and push and pull of the music helps me keep things shortened, and keeps things interesting in my opinion.  More professional reels will probably not be affected by audio.  In this case - this is for show! Turn up the volume, and enjoy my latest creations!

Monday, November 12, 2012

I just added myself on LinkedIn - it is quite organized which is something I like. If you have time, add me as a contact. I now know how valuable networking is. If you know the right people, job opportunities will always come up.

Life is busier than ever, but looking at all my accomplishments so far really inspires me. Just look how much I've done! By putting everything down on LinkedIn, I now have a constant professional presence online. Hopefully I can keep everything up to date and continue to improve my work. Here is my LinkedIn Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/landon-graham/60/8a/29

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Blue Blurbs Transformer Title

Blue Blurbs and Animation Transformer Title from Landon Graham on Vimeo.

Blue Blurbs and Animation - the awkward and yet fitting title to my Artist's Blog. Let me explain. The act of Blurbing is a brief statement praising a creative work - be it literary, film, or interactive media. The funky symbol on the left is my initials put together. An L for Landon, a G for Graham! I am a pre-Animation major now. That will hopefully change within a year!! Seeing as I love almost everything I see and sense, I figured that this can be an appropriate and honest title that reflects my sensitive visual nature. We'll see how it holds up in the long run. This is one of my first projects I've completed in Cinema 4D. It is a new software package that breaks all kinds of paradigms that I was used to when working in Autodesk software packages. Cinema 4D is used very often in tandem with After Effects, and it is what we use at BYUtv make the special effects. So this was quite an important endeavor to quickly become familiar with this new 3D software! Many a shenanigan will probably be made and posted here on my Vimeo page. Unfinished pieces and half baked tutorials will be rampant!

Friday, November 18, 2011

What the HECK is a Blurb?!

The act of Blurbing is a brief statement praising a creative work - be it literary, film, or interactive media.

During this past semester I've been taking classes at BYU that have been teaching me how to see, and also how to analytically and critically challenge creative art. Edifying criticism is what I'm being taught.

Now I'm developing skills that remove my shallow biases and allow me to dive into beautiful things I haven't recognized before!!!

Pessimistic criticism can create walls, tear down trust destroy our ability to enjoy what is around us. Ignorantly and blatantly bashing an entire creative work (or person, for that matter) for what its labeled as is rotten in my book.

That's why I have been trying lately to effectively and encouragingly BLURB everything I experience.  Take the good out of it! If someone is overall not your favorite - find the good, the interesting.  Ask worthwhile questions next time you are hating a film, or getting mad at someone because they are fantasizing with a television show.

I'll talk more on this later. But let's all Blurb on, my friends!!!

Time for a Blog

I guess it's high time for me to get with the program. A blog is what I need! This won't be a popular place, but my blog makes up for it's loneliness by having a planet sized wallpaper behind it.  I'm planning on doing a bit of writing, and a lot of showing.

You know who I am - I'm a well rounded technical artist that may not be fantastic at anything, but not horrible by any means.

I'm in love with my senses. Seeing, feeling, hearing, tasting, smelling, reflecting. I think that's why I'm in love with animation.  Correctly done, animation takes what is real and exaggerates it.  An exaggeration of movement, acting, and composition.  Animation as well as all forms of art show the creative prowess of imagination, imagery and observation.  Personally as an animator or designer I want to help people feel important things through what I do.

Though my work so far is emotionally shallow, I'll show you what I am capable of so far!