Sunday, January 27, 2013

I proudly present my newest demo reel. (click on the link) Since I'm still new in the Animation Program, I am still creating a broad range of work.  I am getting closer and closer to becoming a specialist, however!  I'm excited to have this be my portfolio piece to be reviewed by Dreamworks.  They will then decide if I'm worth an interview.  I feel that the work I have under my belt is just as much as any junior would have, so I believe I have a fighting chance.

Something special about this - is that I compiled this all in one night.  I've noticed that I'm getting faster and more effective when I work!  I'm not even meaning to, its just happening for me (at least in some areas, but not all)

As my skill increases, I will eventually be cutting music off from these demo reels.  It would be hard for me, though...because the rythm and push and pull of the music helps me keep things shortened, and keeps things interesting in my opinion.  More professional reels will probably not be affected by audio.  In this case - this is for show! Turn up the volume, and enjoy my latest creations!

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