Saturday, January 7, 2012

Blue Blurbs Transformer Title

Blue Blurbs and Animation Transformer Title from Landon Graham on Vimeo.

Blue Blurbs and Animation - the awkward and yet fitting title to my Artist's Blog. Let me explain. The act of Blurbing is a brief statement praising a creative work - be it literary, film, or interactive media. The funky symbol on the left is my initials put together. An L for Landon, a G for Graham! I am a pre-Animation major now. That will hopefully change within a year!! Seeing as I love almost everything I see and sense, I figured that this can be an appropriate and honest title that reflects my sensitive visual nature. We'll see how it holds up in the long run. This is one of my first projects I've completed in Cinema 4D. It is a new software package that breaks all kinds of paradigms that I was used to when working in Autodesk software packages. Cinema 4D is used very often in tandem with After Effects, and it is what we use at BYUtv make the special effects. So this was quite an important endeavor to quickly become familiar with this new 3D software! Many a shenanigan will probably be made and posted here on my Vimeo page. Unfinished pieces and half baked tutorials will be rampant!

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